What are Real-time LJP Scores?

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My goal with this feature is SPEED! To add real-time lines to the table would bog down the system and open it up to failure due to issues with the line provider. In the interest of speed & security there are no lines listed. Lines used for LJP Scoring are those listed at Pinnacle.com. So, if you visit this page and see Team A is currently an LJP 5U and then you visit Pinnacle.com (or your favorite line service app offering Pinnacle pricing) and Team A is -3.5, you can know the LJP 5U on Team A is at the current -3.5 price. If the line moves at Pinnacle to Team A -5 and the LJP Score below is still an LJP 5U… you can rest assured that even at -5, Team A is still an LJP 5U. The same applies to totals and moneyline pricing in conjunction with the LJP Scores listed.

The LJP Scores on this page are current so long as the status indicator says “ONLINE”. Be aware, LJP Scores can change seconds before kickoff. There is no way around those potential situations because the LJP is based on sharp action. It does not predict sharp action arriving, but is derived by the action actually being placed. Therefore, LJP Scores can change whenever sharp action arrives in the market… whether hours & days before kickoff or seconds.

Also, it should be noted that wagers with opening LJP Scores of 0/0 do not show up on this page. Only positive LJP Scores or those wagers that opened positive, but dropped to 0D will show up on this page.

What’s the difference between the LJP Score and TSP Live Radar? The LJP uses algorithms, the TSP Index and sharp buying analytics to compute an LJP Score. The TSP Live Radar is solely based on the level of sharp buying on a wager at the current price, and nothing more. So, while both measure sharp buying, the measurements are done through different methodology. The LJP is more complex, the TSP Live Radar is more just a raw measure of sharp buying, with no filters.

LJP Scores essentially “score” value based on sharp action as the primary weighted factor. If sharp money drove a line from opening as Team A -7 to Team A -14, but the sharp action stopped at Team A -13, the LJP for Team A at -14 is going to be 0. The reason is, at the current number of -14, sharp action is non-existent. So, I know sometimes you see prices/odds move a lot, and then expect that angle to have a high LJP based on the size of the move. First, sometimes the move is caused by sharp action, but sometimes it is not. Other times, the reason for the LJP 0/0 or 0D is because at the current line there is no sharp action involvement. You will see this A LOT with college football totals. Some totals open at 55 and drop to 49. Well, even though sharp action caused the move, if there’s no sharp action at 49 or 50, the LJP for UNDER 49 is going to be 0/0. Sometimes in those situations with a large move (in this example UNDER) you might see the OVER as an LJP 1U or greater if sharp money started buying back. So, just be aware that LJP analyzes sharp action based on the CURRENT NUMBER, not what happened up to that point.

For further details on the LJP, click here.

ONLY LJP 2U’s and above (i.e. 2U, 3D, 3OPEN, 3U, 4D, 4OPEN, 4U and 5U…there is no 5OPEN or 5D possible) will initiate a Telegram/TSP Live Alert. LJP 1U’s that qualify as a Secondary Angle will initiate an alert. No other LJP Scores within the Real-time LJP analytic below will initiate an alert at this time. LJP ALERTS ARE ONLY ISSUED WITHIN 30-60 MINUTES (UNLESS THEY QUALIFY AS A PRIMARY OR SECONDARY ANGLE) OF THE EVENT DUE TO THE FACT LJP SCORES CAN AND DO CHANGE IN THE HOURS LEADING TO AN EVENT. Any wager not appearing on the table below is an LJP 0/0…either due to lack of sharp action or lack of betting volume.

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