What is Hermes?

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The Little John Protocol (LJP) version 1.0 was the first major combined analytical and algorithm tool I ever created at The Sharp Plays. The programming of LJP version 1.0 was a tremendous success, but you always have to keep evolving in this business. The next evolution of the LJP is Hermes. Hermes takes the LJP’s programming and greatly expands on it. I look forward to Hermes building off the LJP’s success and taking the content to the next level!

Hermes is a tool that uses over 100 different analytics (many which I created, some which are housed on the sportsbook’s systems) along with every active algorithm in my arsenal to analyze wagers each day. Hermes will then issue wagers that meet its criteria for wagering. Hermes uses machine learning techniques. Hermes updates its programming and strategy on a daily basis using its past performance and the performance of the analytics, algorithms and the data the program assesses.

The goal of Hermes is to generate an average of +3 units of profit per month. At that level (+3 units average per month), Hermes would generate a $100 per unit bettor a 100% ROI on their monthly TSP Live subscription investment.

Hermes will assess the betting markets and implement one of three different postures for each active sport. “PASSIVE” shows concern for market conditions and Hermes will be wagering very cautiously. “STANDARD” means Hermes does not assess any material risks in the market, but also does not see it as an excessively hot (sharp) market. “AGGRESSIVE” means Hermes calculates the market as heavily favoring sharp/value angles. I do expect to add additional postures and features to Hermes as warranted.

HERMES IS ALLOWED TO RISK 0.5 TO 3 UNITS. Individuals should assess their own unique financial situation before wagering. Hermes does not have money, nor bills to pay, so Hermes strategy may not be suitable for most gambler’s risk tolerance or bankroll.

Beyond wagering, Hermes has a variety of other features I plan to expand into as we go through the summer months and prepare for football. Keep an eye on Twitter, Telegram and in TSP Live for all the details!

Good luck in your action!

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ANALYTIC NOTICE: Analytics are provided to give you access to information that you otherwise would not be able to obtain publicly.

Analytics ARE NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED to tell you what to bet. Analytics are provided to make you a more informed bettor when handicapping and making your wagering decisions.

If you are placing a wager simply because the wager shows up within an analytic or alert, you are using the information incorrectly, outside its intended use, and opening yourself up to unnecessary risk.

While some analytics and information covers sharp action, it should be noted that sharp action can occur for many reasons beyond sharp money feeling a wager has value. Sharp bettors frequently wager for the purposes of middling, arbitrage, hedging, buyouts and more. Analytics do not discern why sharp money is betting, they just report that sharp money is betting. Just because something shows as “sharp” should not be construed as meaning the wager has value 100% of the time. A wager showing as sharp should also not be construed as a best bet, regardless of the reading within the analytic. The best sharp bettors have a win percentage of 54-56% (betting spreads), not the 60-100% that many touts and other unsavory sports gambling industry jerkoffs (technical term) may want to portray.

Good luck in your action!