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A couple weeks ago I laid out the way I look at TSP content into three tiers. My purpose for doing it was just to make it easy to breakdown the content visually. The layout really took off with a lot of people, so I’ll continue using it.

Here’s what I foresee for The Sharp Plays content moving forward…

Tier 1: Oddsmaker’s Report, Hermes In-Play, TSP Live Analytics Alerts (TSP Live Radar 74+ and High Level Book Needs), Robin Hood Selections (which will deliver ALL “known”/sharp bettor TSP Live content…more on this below)

Tier 2: Algorithms & Sharp Buy/Burst Alerts that post directly onto Twitter and Telegram

Tier 3: Content on the analytics tables which does not trigger alerts

Here’s what will be removed from TSP Live…

#1) Top Sharp Consensus…she had a great run, but these angles have been VERY limited. Managing a table, even when content is light takes resources, time, etc. The Premium (55.8% lifetime win pct.) and Just Missed Premium Plays (69.8% lifetime win pct.) were the pinnacle of TSP content. Quantity of Top Sharp Consensus angles has been limited to only THREE total selections for ALL of 2022! Going back to September of 2021, the record of Top Sharp Consensus angles is 6-6 combined. Hardly awful content…but not worth the time given such low frequency content of only 0.8 angles per month.

#2) TSP Live In-Play Analytic table…this is a simple one. Hermes providing in-play real-time alerts was the natural evolution. The In-Play Analytic table was just a tool to use while the real-time alerts were being developed. No need for it any longer. If you want an in-play target for any sport, you can always visit the In-Play Target table in the Quick Links menu on the TSP Live Dashboard (https://TSP.Live/tsp-live-alerts).

#3) KB Tracker table…following one single “known” bettor by sport is a tricky thing for one reason…it is tough to predict with confidence how a bettor will perform for a whole season in advance. The KB Tracker, much like the Top Sharp Consensus, has hardly had a bad run (it is 11-11 for -1 unit) with the NCAAF known bettor pulling the load with a strong 8-3 record. However, with the return of the Robin Hood Selection reporting, this content can be delivered in a much more dynamic manner. When I announced the Robin Hood Selection return on Tuesday in TSP Newsletter it was welcomed in an incredibly positive manner. Seeing such a report in action yesterday with Pittsburgh PK only amplified that initial excitement. As such, all “known” bettor content will run through Robin Hood Selection alerts. We won’t lose the NCAAF “known” bettor everyone likes to follow. His action will be incorporated into Robin Hood Selection reports moving forward (details below).

#4) Big Bet Tracking table…What?!?!? This was just getting started and it has done so well when it comes to public and sharp action! We can’t get rid of it. You are correct! The table is being removed, the content is not being removed. The Big Bet Tracking table content will now be issued through Robin Hood Selections reports…with one change to hopefully help locate runner/beard action in those public wagers. More details below.

Here’s what would be replacing the removed content…

#1) Top Sharp Consensus table will be removed. Any Premium Play or Just Missed Premium Play content can be posted on the Telegram channel when one occurs. Over the past 15 months there have only been 12 qualifying plays. Works out to 0.8 per month. Not worth the time and space in TSP Live…but for those who enjoy the content it will post publicly for free!

#2) Hermes In-Play Alerts replaced the In-Play Analytic table.

#3) The NFL “known” bettor I have been tracking will see his action reported into Telegram starting immediately. The NBA bettor, NCAAF bettor and any subsequent bettors (included those to cover World Cup, NHL, NCAAB) will be issued through Robin Hood Selection alerts.

#4) Large public wagers that would post to the Big Bet Tracker will now be reported and discussed in the Telegram channel to discern and expand on possible beard/runner action and allow you to review. The content will be reported for free until there is a way to locate beard/runner action with a high level of confidence…at which point this optimized content may return to TSP Live. What about large sharp wagers on the Big Bet Tracker?

Large sharp wagers that previously would hit the Big Bet Tracker WILL be issued via the new Robin Hood Selection alert. Robin Hood Selection alert format is being put together in a template today. A demo of this alert will go out later today to Telegram for subscribers to view.

Robin Hood Selection alerts will be classified as either Tier 1 or Tier 3 content. When the alert comes out it will dictate whether the information within is considered Tier 1 content (graded and tracked) or Tier 3 content (informational purposes only…not graded).

The goal of these changes is it allows for alert delivery for 90% of TSP Live content. No need to visit the TSP Live Dashboard on the website unless you want to peek at the other 10% of TSP Live content which would be the angles on the TSP Live Radar for the day or see what Book Needs exist.

So, TSP Live content will be…

TSP Live Radar Table/Alerts (All Sports)
Book Needs Table/Alerts (All Sports)
KB Consensus Table/Alerts (Football Only)
Oddsmaker’s Report (All Sports)
Hermes In-Play Alerts (All Sports)
Robin Hood Selections (All Sports – Big Bet Tracker Alerts for Sharp Bettors [same parameters as the table…those wagering 200% above their average and above window limits], Situational Known Bettor alerts [like Steelers yesterday], and above average action for sports specific known bettors [like the NCAAF bettor we are following…I want to keep him through the end of the season])

When will these changes take place?

#1, 3 & 4 will occur during Tuesday updates tomorrow morning
#2 went active on Saturday


I treat TSP Live like an MLB team with a farm club. When something from the farm club (prospective content or public content) looks good, then I bring it up to the MLB team (TSP Live). When something isn’t performing, isn’t worth the time required to manage or it doesn’t fit the content structure in TSP Live…it can go down to the farm team (public content). If it no longer has any use…then it can be archived. However, as the Robin Hood Selection has shown, even when something is gone…it is rarely gone forever.

Let me know of any questions!

Good luck!

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