Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just purchased a subscription to TSP Live Analytics and/or FMA, what do I do?

A: You should have set a username and password when you signed up. Assuming you had no issue there, you can login to the purchased content as follows…

If you signed up for a TSP Live Analytics Monthly or Weekly Subscription… click here to login at When you log in at this link, you will see a link highlighted in yellow which you would follow to signup for email alerts should you desire. Information on Telegram alerts is also provided.

If you signed up for the Financial Market Analytics… click here to login at

If you are a TSP Live Analytics Monthly subscriber and want to access TSP Live’s Daily Briefing… click here to login to the TSP Live’s Daily Briefing content at

Q: What’s the play?

A: If you are asking this question, you probably should not have signed up. I appreciate the support, but the question usually means you don’t know how my content works. Which means you will have little understanding of the information reported in TSP Live or how to use it. However, if you find yourself in this situation, hopefully the following will help. First, I am not a handicapper and I do not advise you on what nor how much to wager. TSP Live Analytics reports the action going on in the sports markets at two global books. The content is delivered using a variety of analytics and angles such as: Sharp Consensus, The Little John Protocol, etc. You receive this content via alert to Telegram, through the TSP Live Analytics Subscriber Dashboard, and/or email (if you choose). You would then review the information reported and decide how you want to use it in your wagering.

Occasionally, I will discuss a wager I am placing, like a parlay or rollover, but it should not be construed as me advising you to place the same wager. You can fade, follow, ignore, whatever YOU want to do. I report and you decide what to do. However, I will track the performance of any content issued through paid content (click here for records). Tracking is done solely to provide you background information/metrics on the angles and analytics. I would suggest visiting the links in this section so you are aware of the angles and their performance. Thereby you can make an educated assessment when the next alert hits!

Q: I forgot my password!

A: No problem, click the following link to reset your password… Password Reset

Q: I forgot my username!

A: No problem, you can also login with your email address as your username. When you do, you can click on this link to view your username… Your TSP.Live Profile

Q: How do I get alerts?

A: Alerts are provided via Telegram and email. To signup for either, visit If you have trouble, click here to send a message for support!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact!