Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just purchased a TSP Live Sports, what do I do?

A: You should have set a username and password when you signed up. Assuming you had no issue there, you can login to access the content for your subscription as follows…

If you signed up for the TSP Live Sports subscription click here to login at TSP.Live/tsp-live-alerts/. The same link can be found in the website menu as “Sports Dashboard” and on the TSP.Live homepage. Once you visit the “Sports Dashboard” page you will see a variety of subscriber links and content (alerts, articles, selection tables, and more).

After you have completed those steps, be sure to visit TSP.Live/email-alerts/ for information on receiving alerts through Telegram and/or email when new subscriber content is posted.

Any questions, send a message using the form by clicking this link.

Q: How does the information/content work?

A: There is a video tutorial for new subscribers on how a TSP Live subscription and the website work. You can view that tutorial here…

There is also a FREE TSP Education section which discusses strategies, types of action, line moves and more at

TSP Live Sports is delivered via alert to Telegram, published within the Sports Dashboard, and email (if you choose). The various alerts allow you to be informed in real-time!

Q: Does my subscription automatically renew?

A: No, once your subscription concludes, if you would like to renew then you would need to manually purchase a new subscription. Nobody should ever be trapped in renewal prison.

Q: When does my subscription expire?

A: You can check when your subscription expires by clicking the “Your Account” link in the TSP.Live website menu or by visiting the page directly at this link…

Q: I forgot my password!

A: No problem, click the following link to reset your password… Password Reset. Once on that page just scroll down, enter your email address in the box and a reset email will be sent. If you have any trouble click here to send a message for support!

Q: I forgot my username!

A: No problem, you can also login with your email address as your username. When you login with your email address, you can click on this link (Your TSP.Live Profile) to view your username. However, using your email as your username is perfectly acceptable. If you have any trouble click here to send a message for support!

Q: How do I get alerts?

A: Alerts are provided via Telegram and email. To signup for either, visit The same link can be found on the “Sports Dashboard“. If you have trouble, click here to send a message for support!

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact using the form here!

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