bookmark_borderSyndicate Update

Good afternoon to everyone!

Well folks, it has been basically two months since the Syndicate has been in operation on a daily basis. At the same time we have about two months until preseason football begins. SO….I would like to get the TSP Syndicate wheels rolling again. I am not sure of the content for the next two months, or how regular the wagers would be, but that’s the nice part of TSP Syndicate…there is no upfront cost. So, if we don’t do anything there is no out of pocket cost to you. At the same time my thought is maybe we can snipe some wagers over these two months and build Syndicate bankroll for the start of football.

Also, I would like to get the Syndicate operating again to allow the bulk of people to signup now and well in advance of August. Thereby any questions, kinks, tweaks, etc. can be worked out in the meantime and allow us to hit the ground running in August.

As a refresher, the method of operation would be the same as always. Every rollover will start with 0.10 units and a $25 performance fee. The $25 is placed on the rollover wager on behalf of The Sharp Plays and you wager 0.10 units (or whatever you decide) on the wager for yourself. The net profit on the $25 wager you place on my behalf is the TSP Syndicate fee for the rollover. The profit you make on the 0.10 units you wagered is of course your profit/return.

TSP Syndicate carries a maximum out of pocket cost of $250 per month. The $250 per month is used for the $25 rollovers you are placing on my behalf. Once the $250 is depleted for that month, there are no further out of pocket costs beyond your personal wagers…until TSP Syndicate is +1 unit or more for the month. On the 1st of the following month then everything resets. So, the cost to be in TSP Syndicate is up to $250 per month. However, that $250 is not collected by me, but rather it is held by you and used for rollover wagers on my behalf. The goal of this method is it provides incentive to maximize returns as much as possible.

TSP Syndicate 2.0 will run from May 27th through February 1st. I have no plans to continue beyond February 1st. June to February 1st will be the annual “TSP Syndicate Campaign”.

As another refresher, TSP Syndicate net a profit of +4.29 units from September 2021 through January 2022. It would be the equivalent of +42.9 units of profit if every wager was 1 unit instead of 0.10 units. No, I do not suggest 1 unit wagers instead of 0.10 units. It’s just to provide a comparable performance illustration.

Rollover fees are not connected to overall net profit for the month. Meaning if $125 of the $250 for TSP Syndicate wagers has been lost that month, and then a rollover wins $525, the initial $25 will be deducted (if it hasn’t been already) leaving a net rollover profit of $500. The $500 will be the fee due for that week. The $500 will not be further reduced by the $125 already lost on previous fee rollovers in the month. The $250 set aside is essentially money you are paying to be in the group, I am just have you hold it and bet it on behalf of The Sharp Plays. Fees can be paid in Bitcoin or Ethereum.

If you would like to take part, please drop an email to [email protected] I will wait until tomorrow (Wednesday) around 6pm ET to issue replies and further information. Any questions, please feel free to include those when you email.

I look forward to some summer bankroll building and another fun TSP Syndicate campaign!

Good luck in your action!