bookmark_borderDecember Subscriptions ARE LIVE!

Good afternoon!

Thanks again to all of you who supported in November with your TSP Live Analytics and FMA subscriptions! It is your support which makes everything “The Sharp Plays” possible (free and paid content). I sincerely appreciate your loyal support!

November subscriptions have now concluded. November was an excellent month overall and one which saw the birth and profit of Hermes! The program now enters its second month and will be looking to use what it learned along the way. Of course Hermes is on top of the excellent intel from the Oddsmaker’s Report and the real-time information from the analytics! Don’t miss any of the fun for December! December subscriptions are now active. To join in on the fun and complete another highly profitable year, visit https://TSP.Live/register to signup! Monthly, Super Bowl, Annual and Weekly packages are available.

Thanks for your support and good luck in your action!

bookmark_borderDecember Syndicate Renewal

Getting a few message of folks in able to access TSP Syndicate. Will reply shortly to messages individually but just a reminder…

December TSP Syndicate renewal is now open! Renewal requires the following steps, please read.

FIRST…you must have an active subscription covering December TSP Live Analytics (so either a monthly TSP Live Analytics/All-Inclusive, a Super Bowl package or an Annual package) to signup. YOU MUST PURCHASE YOUR TSP LIVE SUBSCRIPTION COVERING DECEMBER BEFORE PROCEEDING TO THE NEXT STEP. You can purchase at https://TSP.Live/register.

SECOND…you then visit You cannot access that page until you have signed up for a subscription which covers December. On that page you will see a discount code. THE DISCOUNT CODE WILL REDUCE TSP SYNDICATE RENEWAL FROM $1,000 to $3.

THIRD…on the same page as the discount code you will then be able to scroll down, select “December TSP Syndicate Renewal” and enter the discount code shown on the page. Be sure to click “APPLY”. When you do the TSP Syndicate Renewal price will become $3. Verify the price is $3. Then proceed with the purchase and you are set to go!