Sports Content Performance



Any unit tracking is posted as a means to quantify performance and SHOULD NOT be construed as a suggestion to wager on or against any of The Sharp Plays content. Records for the public are tracked as though you BET WITH the public. Records for Pro’s v Joe’s are based on BETTING WITH the Pro’s.

Records on this page that are broken down by sport and are for the currently active season (unless otherwise listed). Previous year/season performance is archived at the conclusion of each season, and at the start of a new year to The Sharp Plays Records Archive page.

Records below are updated within minutes of the wagers being graded in the TSP Content Tracking Logs.

For Hermes records, please visit

ContentPlatformNotesWinsLossesWin PctUnitsROI
Book Needs - HighTSP Live90+10376.9%11.790.0%
Book Needs - HighTSP Live80-89676451.1%22.417.1%
Book Needs - MediumTSP Live70-79969550.3%21.511.3%
Book PositionsTSP LiveOddsmaker's R342260.7%9.817.5%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveMLB635553.4%-1.8-1.5%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveNCAAB21115757.3%38.010.3%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveNBA363451.4%-1.4-2.0%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveNFL10100.0%1.0100.0%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveNHL111247.8%-3.3-14.3%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveTennis8657.1%2.115.0%
Degenerate Club SelectionsTSP LiveSoccer11955.0%3.819.0%
Degenerate Club Late ReleaseTSP LiveMLB4266.7%2.541.7%
Degenerate Club Late ReleaseTSP LiveNCAAB373154.4%2.94.3%
Degenerate Club Late ReleaseTSP LiveNBA3633.3%-3.6-40.0%
Degenerate Club Late ReleaseTSP LiveNHL5271.4%2.535.7%
DC Rollovers (only 0.10 units initial risk)TSP LiveUnit Tracking Only00-0.0-
Group BuysTSP LiveOddsmaker's R562767.5%25.831.1%
In-PlayTSP LiveINPLAY & Hermes445146.3%14.815.6%
KB ConsensusTSP Live80%+3175.0%1.845.0%
KB ConsensusTSP Live70-79%241168.6%13.137.4%
KB ConsensusTSP Live60-69%845162.2%27.920.7%
KB ConsensusTSP Live55-59%9660.0%2.416.0%
Parlays 0.5 units of risk or moreAll Platforms202294317.3%5.210.0%
Parlays 0.5 units of risk or moreAll Platforms2021276928.1%32.934.3%
"Personal Plays"Twitter/TelegramLifetime19912761.0%65.120.0%
Pro's v Joe'sAll PlatformsN/A5645.5%-1.4-12.7%
Public Prop FadesTSP LiveOddsmaker's R321765.3%12.124.7%
Sharp PropsTSP LiveOddsmaker's R7277.8%4.752.2%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsMLB4266.7%1.830.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsNBA10376.9%7.860.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsNCAAB272057.4%12.626.8%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsNHL3260.0%1.632.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsGolf111247.8%-3.2-13.9%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsSoccer10100.0%1.0100.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsMMA10100.0%1.0100.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsTennis1420.0%-3.4-68.0%
Sharp Buy - Current Season OnlyAll PlatformsOther00-0.0-
Radar Analytic (Football)TSP Live90+10100.0%1.0100.0%
Radar Analytic (Football)TSP Live80-8920969.0%11.037.9%
Radar Analytic (Football)TSP Live74-791167261.7%44.323.6%
Radar Analytic (Football)TSP Live65-7346139753.7%18.62.2%
Radar Analytic (Football)TSP Live60-6418015054.5%13.24.0%
Radar DECLINES*TSP Live51-59776454.6%8.25.8%
Rollovers (initial risk is 0.10 units)Twitter/Telegram202331913.6%11.652.7%
Teaser all 1 unitTSP Live2022141351.9%-0.5-1.9%
Teasers all 1 unitTSP Live202115865.2%6.227.0%
Top Public Teaser LegAll PlatformsATS Fade Result9660.0%2.416.0%
Top Public Parlay LegAll PlatformsFade Result7653.8%3.426.2%
Total (Does Not Include Public Concentrations)2074170954.8%457.712.1%
*-Record of fading angles that decline into 50's