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What is TSP Live Analytics (a.k.a. TSP Live)?

I pride myself on offering the best free sports wagering content, analytics & information anywhere! Despite the quality of the free content, serious sports bettors are always looking for deeper betting and market information. The TSP Live Analytics subscription is designed with those serious sports bettors in mind. The TSP Live Analytics subscription is The Sharp Plays ONLY paid sports content. A TSP Live Analytics subscription provides DAILY access to real-time betting market analytics, information, key market alerts (like Primary & Secondary Angles, Book Needs, Sharp Consensus Angles, etc.), along with other tools intended to ASSIST (not to direct) your wagering. TSP Live Analytics is intended to be a tool in your handicapping, not a substitute for your handicapping. While I do track the performance of the various analytics and angles, using a 1 unit base wager for performance assessment, how you use the information and whether you fade, follow or ignore is up to you. I bring you to the sports information buffet, you choose what to put on your plate.

TSP Live Analytics provides subscribers with exclusive access to the following analytics (varies by sport, click blue link for further details)…

+ Hermes (Hermes is operational for all sports)

+ TSP Live Radar (TSP Live Radar is operational for football only)

+ Real-time Book Needs (Book Needs are available for all sports)

+ Real-time LJP Scores (LJP Scores are operational for all sports)

+ Known Bettor Consensus (KB Consensus is operational for football only)

+ Top Sharp Consensus (Top Sharp Consensus is operational for football and NCAAB)

+ Oddsmaker’s Report (Oddsmaker’s Report is operational for all sports).

…with new analytics always in the works!

TSP Live Analytics subscribers also receive exclusive (as in not posted publicly) access to any Primary & Secondary Angles, any Book Needs and any Sharp Consensus Angles (Premium & Just Missed Premium Plays) that may arise. It is not guaranteed the aforementioned angles will occur every week. As I say below in #5…the action is either there and it gets reported or it isn’t. I don’t force phony reports just to have a specific number of angles reported in any given period of time…be it the weekend or otherwise. You wouldn’t want forced reports either. I want you to trust that anything covered in TSP Live Analytics is based on genuine market action/assessment, not a feeling that there must be X number of angles reported within certain time periods.

TSP Live Analytics monthly subscribers and subscribers to the $50 weekly TSP Live Analytics subscription also receive access to TSP Live’s Daily Briefing (click here for info) published every morning!

STOP!!!!!!!!!  Before you proceed & purchase….

1) TSP Live Analytics monthly subscriptions cover you for the current CALENDAR month (i.e. all of April, not 30 days from date of purchase). TSP Live Analytics weekly subscriptions cover you for a period of 7 days (168 hours from the time of purchase).

2) IF YOU HAVE NOT PROFITED FROM THE FREE CONTENT… DO NOT BUY! Paid content IS NOT intended to be a stand-alone purchase, but based on your success with the free content.

3) The majority of the content delivered by TSP Live Analytics is the reporting of sharp money. Sharp money can hit MINUTES before an event. I know it can be frustrating to get an alert minutes before an event, BUT an alert cannot go out before the corresponding sharp action is placed. TSP Live Analytics is a content delivery system…not a time machine.

4) Despite TSP Live Analytics content being immensely profitable since the platform launched in April 2020…TSP Live Analytics WILL NOT make you a profitable bettor every week or even every month regardless of past performance…it’s simply not realistic nor possible. Yes, that means there will be occasions where you spend money on TSP Live Analytics AND lose bets on top of it. If this will make your head explode…DO NOT BUY!

5) I do not guarantee a certain amount of content over the course of the month or week for TSP Live Analytics. Setting a quota only incentivizes forcing analytical readings, angles, and alerts that aren’t there. The content either develops organically…or not. Some days are quiet, some are not…it’s not dictated by me…but by the action in the sports betting markets.

Alerts notifications are provided through email and the Telegram app. Details to setup alerts are provided at this link. Any questions, let me know!

If the terms above ARE NOT good for you, DO NOT BUY!!!

Thank you very much for your support!

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