TSP Live Education – Sunday Night Baseball Fade

To avoid repeating myself every Sunday during the baseball season, I have created this brief article about the Sunday Night Baseball public fade angle.

My first gig in sports betting was making Sunday Night Baseball markets for a book offshore. In doing that, I became intimately aware of the ins and outs…and the uniqueness of the SNB action. One thing I kept noticing was that the public fade on Sunday Night Baseball was MONEY! It is one of the few public fade angles that has consistently won. A lot of people love to just blindly fade the public, but I have found that to be a 50/50 endeavor at best. You get wins, you get losses, but like the public you get juiced out.

HOWEVER…there is one spot in all sports that has consistently been a winner when fading the public. It is fading the side and total on Sunday Night Baseball for which the public is medium or heavy. I don’t bother with small public leans, but when the public is medium or heavy…fading the team or total that the side is on has shown to be a rousing success going back to the late 90’s when I first discovered it.

So, if you are wondering why I put some value into a public fade angle, it’s because when it comes to Sunday Night Baseball, that fade angle is consistently making money after almost 30 years!

Good luck!