bookmark_border**Sunday Recap**

Another profitable weekend across all TSP Live analytics and content! Sunday squeaked out a little profit after a big Saturday this week. Here’s what happened…

Oddsmaker’s Report delivers its first NFL Group Buy of the season with a winner on the Colts +5!

HERMES!!!!! The program finally broke through on Sunday and grabbed a +0.75 unit win on Houston/Chicago OV39! It brings the program to -1.71 units for September and likely to bring more selections in the week ahead.

The TSP Live Radar had a solid weekend going 6-1 for +4.9 units, which was after a 7-3 Saturday for +3.7 units!

The Book Needs, both Low Level, went 1-1 for -0.1 units on Sunday.

The KB Consensus stayed how (now 15-4-1 on the year overall) with an easy outright winner in the Dolphins +4.5!

The Top Sharp Consensus had a 3-0 count on SF/Denver OV44.5 which lost.

The In-Play Analytic went 0-1, losing with the same SF/Denver OV37.5.

The NFL “known” bettor I am tracking has been in a bit of regression after going 0-2 on Sunday for -2.1 units…compared to the 4-0 the “known” NCAAF bettor I am tracking has performed.

I did lose my parlay and teaser using Saturday’s exotic profits (+3 units Saturday) at 0-2 for -3.1 units.

Add it all up and TSP Live was +0.2 units on Sunday. The ebb and flow of gambling once again…+15.6 unit last Sunday, +14.7 units yesterday, +0.2 units on Sunday. Bet smart, stay consistent and be disciplined!

On Twitter and Telegram (FREE), the TSP Newsletter saw “My Handicapping” move to 3-1 on the year after winning with the Colts +7.5. I grabbed a nice price early in the week and got the hook! The sharp buy on Chicago -3 ends up a winner if you follow my philosophy ( of buying the hook to -2.5. I am tracking these instances of the hook paying off in the Content Log and will do an assessment on the performance of hook buying for 3’s and 7’s in football. So far it has paid off quite handsomely!

The NFL 1st Quarter algorithm, my favorite algorithm because 1st Quarters are so much fun to sweat, got the win yesterday with Washington +0.5…and delivered a hell of a sweat at the end! The MLB algorithm did not have the same luck and lost 1.2 units.

I ended up going 0-4 on my pizza props. Been a real drought there. Need to catch stride with a few good weeks. Thanks to the +1200 or +1000 odds…all I need is one to keep from dying of pizza starvation!

Add it all up and the free content was 3-1 for +1.9 units, but dropped 4 pizza money units (usually 0.4 to 1.2 units depending on your pizza unit size).

Another great weekend…let’s keep rolling this week!

Here’s to a marvelous Monday!

Good luck!

bookmark_border**Saturday Recap**

Last Saturday, TSP Live had its first losing Saturday of the football season as all TSP Live content combined for a -3.1 unit outcome. A nice bounce back this Saturday as all content in TSP Live picked up +14.7 units.

TSP Live Radar went 7-3 for +3.7 units. There were five TSP Live Radar angles that dropped into the 50’s. Fading those teams that dropped into the 50’s resulted in a 3-2 record for +0.8 units. I AM NOT counting these fade plays in the +14.7 units of performance above. Just noting them for reference and will build a dataset this year for performance of TSP Live Radar drops.

A High Level Book Need on Maryland +17 cashed as did Low Level Book Needs on Kansas St +13.5 and Oregon St +6 for a 3-0 day and +3.0 units.

KB Consensus went 2-0 for +2.0 units cashing a 63% on Texas A&M and a 58% on Toledo/San Diego St UNDER. I did not track the 55-59% readings last season, so far they are now 6-2 this season. KB Consensus overall this season moves to 14-4-1!

The “known” (sharp) bettor whose above average NCAAF wagers I am tracking in TSP Live is now 4-0 on the season after cashing (tracked as +1 unit) with Arkansas St +5.5 yesterday.

The In-Play Analytic table went 2-0 for +2.0 units yesterday cashing with Rice/Houston OV44.5 and Texas A&M +6.5!

The Oddsmaker’s Report had intel on major public money pushing on TCU and the DOT saying he was fine taking the -EV money on TCU….but TCU won.

Last but not least…I cashed a 0.50 unit parlay that paid +595 for a +3.0 unit profit!

**Last week was the end of the world for some folks as TSP Live had an overall performance of -3.1 units. Thankfully Sunday was +15.6 units and this Saturday was +14.7 units…the ebb and flow of gambling. Don’t sweat the day to day…ride the waves and the profits will come with patience and discipline! Sometimes the profits come the next day, sometimes those profits might take to the next month OR EVEN the month after that one. I have been doing this publicly on Twitter for 11+ years, and decades privately…the profits always come if you can handle your emotions!**

On Twitter & Telegram the MLB algorithms went 2-0 for +2.0 units, the sharp reports went 2-1 for +0.9 units cashing Kansas -7 and Kansas St +13.5, but losing Notre Dame UN55.5. Notre Dame in-play UN69.5 lost. The TSP Newsletter had the Early Buy as Texas Tech +6.5 which cashed and the algorithm had a 3-0 record coming into this week, but lost with Boston College +16.5. The remaining selection from the TSP Newsletter is today with Indianapolis +7. I bought the hook on the +6.5 and glad I grabbed it when I did as the price is down to +5.5 now. Overall, free content went 5-3 for +1.7 units!

Here’s to a GREAT Sunday!

**The analytics tables will be cleared of Saturday’s content by 10am ET. The In-Play Analytic will be updated at that time with Sunday’s action.**

Good luck!

bookmark_border**Content Plans & Updates**

Over the past few months, I have been tweaking, planning, updating and upgrading to get everything ready for the marathon from September through February. SEPTEMBER SUBSCRIPTIONS INCLUDING THE 6 MONTH SUBSCRIPTION TO COVER THE ENTIRETY OF THE FOOTBALL SEASON LAUNCHES SUNDAY. I WILL POST ON TWITTER AND TELEGRAM WHEN THEY GO LIVE!

Here are the changes…

First, the daily recap that I used to post to Twitter every morning, and which found itself in an expanded version in TSP Live Insider each day, will now be posted directly in the Telegram channel. It allows me to streamline the information that I publish within TSP Live Insider while also making the recap public for transparency.

Second, TSP Live analytics tables are back for football with a new addition…the In-Play Analytic. I am working on a “known” bettor table/alert that will track one or more top bettors at the book and will let you know the details once complete. There is no LJP table this year as that analytic evolved into Hermes.

Third, Telegram content will be more frequent daily, will still have robot sharp reports, and expand into deeper strategy discussions. Twitter will cover sharp reports, algorithms, and other random tidbits. The goal will be to attract an audience through Twitter by providing high quality free content and then bring serious bettors into the war room here on Telegram.

Fourth, content reports that hit Twitter and Telegram will be taking on a new format in terms of content delivery and grading. Reports will now be posted in the following way…

Report:  Sharp
Size: Small Buy
Angle: Tampa Bay -1
League: NFL
TSP Value Assessment: +EV, -EV, 0EV
In-Play Target: Tampa Bay +7.5

The addition of the “TSP Value Assessment” line will be calculated using an array of algorithms I designed to assess value. Wagers that are designated as “+EV” will be logged and tracked within The Sharp Plays content logs and records tables. Wagers that are “-EV” (negative value) and “0EV” (neutral or “fair” value) are being reported for information purposes only but WILL NOT be graded and logged.

Why the change? I love reporting information and I want the robots to report anything rising to interesting levels. However, I don’t want The Sharp Plays being graded on sharp reports which I think are bad bets. Examples…yesterday with Draper in tennis, which the robots triggered on and I said the price was 40 cents too high OR something like Green Bay over KC where the price was too steamed for me. In theory, that’s an 0-2 record for reports which I saw no value in. So, I don’t want what is essentially my brand (The Sharp Plays) being assessed based on reports I wouldn’t bet. HOWEVER…I still want to provide that information for your assessment so you know what is going on in the markets, regardless of my assessment. So, on wagers where my algorithms agree there is value…sure TSP should be graded based on that assessment since TSP tools also saw value. On wagers where the algorithm sees no value (“0EV”) of negative value (“-EV”) the information will be reported for you to fade or follow, but TSP will not be graded upon them.

My goal today was to cover the broad strokes today. There will be some tweaks along the way as always. Here’s to a great football season and thanks for joining me!

As I said in TSP Live Insider this morning. The content may not win every day, but I guarantee you, there is nobody who works harder to deliver the best content possible than me here at The Sharp Plays…majority of it is free of charge too! Thanks for checking it out and especially your support which makes it all possible!

Good luck!