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Yes, if you noticed more sharp reporting on Twitter and Telegram today, the goal is to convert the TSP Live Bulletin Board into robots that report the content through TSP Live alerts for higher tier content to subscribers. For angles which do not meet TSP Live criteria, those will automatically be reported in the Telegram channel and on Twitter for speed and ease of review.

The test will assess whether it is easier and more efficient to operate as laid out above versus having to log in and review the Bulletin Board throughout the day. It will increase small buy coverage on Twitter and Telegram while keeping higher tier content solely for subscribers and removing the need to login and review the Bulletin Board.

I will be testing this idea today and tomorrow to assess functionality. Oh and it doesn’t mean every day will now see a ton of Twitter/Telegram content, all depends on the market. Today is just a busier day for action and thereby great for a test of this idea.

Subscribe to both Telegram channels ( and and you won’t miss a thing regardless of where the content is posted!

Good luck in your action!

bookmark_borderTSP Live Content Updates

Good morning,

As we move through the summer I will continue to use the past year’s experience to tweak all The Sharp Plays content. It’s an evolutionary process that occurs every year from April through August and we are in the midst of the 2022 version of it. Today I wanted to discuss an update to TSP Live content.

Moving forward TSP Live’s core content will continue to be TSP Daily Briefing, Hermes and the Oddsmaker’s Report. You might say…why have anything else??? LOL! I always like to test new areas and content. So, TSP Live will also provide “bonus content” to subscribers.

What is the difference between core content and bonus content?

Core content will be operational every day of the subscription. What that means is every day of the month TSP Daily Briefing will go out, the book’s chat will be monitored for Oddsmaker’s Report content and Hermes will be running and ready to issue wagers. No matter the day, these tools will be operation. Of course it doesn’t guarantee that there will be Oddsmaker’s Report or Hermes content everyday…just that they will be active should something arise.

Bonus TSP Live content will be information, tools, and analytics that could show up over the course of the month, but may not be operating every day. Currently, “TSP Live bonus content” includes, but is not limited to, TSP Live Bulletin Board and In-Play wagering alerts. What this means is that content can occur over the course of the month, but these features and tools may not be operating every day of the month. It’s a “bonus” to thank you for subscribing, but not guaranteed to be available every day. You can visit for a bull breakdown of core and bonus TSP Live content.

Why the change in terms and setup? It allows me some flexibility. My goal is always to test to new content and features to assist subscribers with their wagering. When you subscriber I want you to be assured that there will be core content operating every day, but I also want you to know that over the course of the month, there can and will be bonus content. Bonus content will be dictated by what occurs in the betting markets, my availability and ability to cover it properly that day, and what new toys come out of The Sharp Plays Research & Development department. I am very excited about the expansion and will have more details in the weeks ahead.

TSP Live subscribers will see a “TSP Live Memo” hit the channel within the next hour or two with further details. Thanks for listening and for your patience as TSP content continues to evolve and get dialed in for the upcoming football season! After all it is only 80 days away!!

Good luck in your action!

bookmark_borderThe Sharp Plays Summer Planning

It’s a pretty slow Monday with action, so I figured I would take the time to break down my plans for the summer. I will do my best to be succinct.

As is the case every summer, I schedule updates to my software and systems for the upcoming football season. There are usually one or two periods for a few days each and then one period lasting 7-10 days right before the start of the football season to bring everything together. For this coming summer the first period is slated for June 29th through July 2nd and then the final period is slated for August 2nd through the 10th. The programmers have advised me they only expect to need two sessions this year. Last year had a bunch of changes to launch TSP Live Analytics so that’s why it took three sessions. As of now…just two update periods are planned. What happens during these periods?

  1. TSP Live will be completely unaffected. As I do every summer during these periods I move TSP Live to a backup system when the main system is being updated. The TSP Live Bulletin Board, Oddsmaker’s Report and Hermes (which comprise the entirety of TSP Live content) will be unaffected and operate as normal.
  2. During both periods I will be testing a slightly new format for TSP Daily Briefing. I would like to test out some robots for delivering content like early buying and the daily strategy and wagering information. I will have more details as we get closer. I am excited to see how this test works out.
  3. All records, content logs and the TSP Index will be offline and not updated during the above periods. On July 5th and August 11th any content that occurred during these periods will be updated within the records/logs/Index. Why July 5th if the first update period ends on July 2nd? Given it will be the 4th of July weekend I don’t feel like doing a ton of clerical work in the bunker on Sunday the 3rd. Then Monday is the 4th…so Tuesday sounds good to me!
  4. What about non-TSP Live content during these periods? Not just for these periods but for much of the summer I will be relying a lot on robots to deliver content to both Twitter and Telegram with me watching over the whole process as it happens. By putting the robots at the front it allows me to test the robots and to cover more areas of content. I will be doing a bunch of updates to the robots in advance of football and it will be a great way for me to test them out. Once again as I said today in TSP Daily Briefing…if you are worried about missing content because some goes only to Telegram and some only to Twitter…there is a very easy fix. Subscribe to both the Twitter clone Telegram channel ( and the TSP Sports Telegram channel ( If you like trading the financial markets there is also the TSP Trading channel ( At that point all you need is the Telegram app and everything will flow through there.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns on the above, please send me a message at

Thanks for your understanding and patience as I work to prepare The Sharp Plays for another AWESOME football season of content! Good luck in your action and thank you for your support!!