bookmark_borderTennis Retirement

A lot of local bookmakers will not grade tennis moneyline wagers on a retirement as a win/loss. Many international books will grade tennis moneyline wagers on a retirement, so long as one full set has been completed. On a retirement the games handicap, set handicap and totals game over/under will be void at all books. Bettor #2 did win his wager today on the 2nd Set retirement by Hurkacz. Most sharp tennis bettors will only bet with books that have the retirement rule (grading with one set completed). Reason being, many good tennis bettors will be aware of pre-match injury status or news from the events, and will wager based on it. As such, they want the retirement rule after one set since it plays into their handicap of the match, and thereby their edge. I am not saying that was the case with the “known” bettor today (that he knew of some injury), but it often is the case with many sharp tennis bettors. Something to consider in your book choices if you are a prospective tennis sharp. A major US facing book that provides the retirement rule (one set complete for moneyline wagers to stand) is BetOnline ( A major international book that provides the retirement rule is Pinnacle ( There are others, these are just the most popular. Good luck in your wagers!