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Book Needs - Go Fast and Win (FREE version)

The teams you see below are those which the book wants to win because the other side contains heavy money. So, if Toronto is playing the NY Yankees, and Toronto appears on the table below, it means there is heavy money on NY and the book wants Toronto to win. The Book Needs readings (measurements as to the size of the need) are provided as part of a TSP Live Sports subscription but are redacted from this table.
DateTime (ET)AngleLeagueRot #
Returns August for Football Season

TSP Live Portfolio (Public/Free Wagers)

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My strategy for using content in conjunction with how I strategize within the portfolio is not the right way to do things, it is just my way based on my view of the information and my personal
preferences/tolerances. Portfolio unit sizing is tailored to the novice bettor. Veteran gamblers will often choose to wager a multiple of what is shown below.

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TSP Live PortfolioInfoContent
Current Year's Unit Bank:6.07
Lifetime Unit Bank (2023-Present):32.99
Average Unit Risk Per Wager:0.172
ROI (Return on Investment):17.93%ROI is the return on every dollar wagered.
Wager Count1072
Today's Date:6/17
Notes:YIKES! On a 3-18 run on the free content which followed a 6-0 run, which followed a 12-11 run, which followed an 11-2 run, which was after a 4-10-1 regression that followed a 17-4 run. This is the ebb and flow of gambling. Don't fight the tides...ride the waves!
Action:PASS...for now
Action:REDACTED - TSP Live Subscribers Only
Profit:0.26 units

GFAW Score Prediction Analytic

The Score Predication Analytic looks at games receiving material sharp action and then analyzes them using a series of algorithms to predict the final score. Angles where the Score Prediction Analytic and sharp money agree get posted to the table below and tracked within.

Go Fast and Win content is available to TSP Live subscribers for 30 minutes prior to public release.

DateTime (ET)Team A ScoreTeam B ScoreLeagueNOTES
6/179:38 PMLA Angels 5Milwaukee 3MLBLA Angels -102
Prediction Performance: 142-109 (+33.50u)