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Book Needs - GFAW

The teams you see below are those which the book wants to win because the other side contains heavy money. So, if Toronto is playing the NY Yankees, and Toronto appears on the table below, it means there is heavy money on NY and the book wants Toronto to win. The Book Needs readings (measurements as to the size of the need) are provided as part of a TSP Live Sports subscription but are redacted from this table.
DateTime (ET)AngleLeagueRot #
12/67:10 PMWizards SPNBA568
12/67:00 PMVCU SPNCAAB684
12/68:00 PMNebraska Omaha SPNCAAB719

GFAW Portfolio

Visit the GFAW Portfolio page (click here) for all the details on this section.
GFAW ActionInfoContent
Current Year's Bank (2023):11.05 units<---- Started with just 0.1u rollover
Today's Date:12/6
Action:0.55 units on LA Clippers -1
Notes:Profit is +0.50 units

GFAW Score Prediction Analytic

DateTime (ET)Team A ScoreTeam B ScoreLeagueNOTES
12/69:10 PMLA Clippers 118Denver 109NBALA Clippers -1
Prediction Performance: 25-22 (+1.5u)