What is the TSP Live Radar?

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The TSP Live Radar displays wagers seeing a material level of sharp buying. The TSP Live Radar readings (50-100) are strictly based on sharp action being placed on the wager listed, with extra weighting given when the action is above their average wager for those sharp bettors involved.

Should you wager on everything that shows on the TSP Live Radar table? It would be expected, over the long term, that every single angle showing on the table would provide a LONG-TERM positive ROI. Casual bettors would be better suited to concentrate on the higher readings as opposed to wagering on all TSP Live Radar readings. For example, over shorter sample sizes, the higher angles achieving reading of 74+ would be expected to provide a positive ROI, with less variance than wagering on every angle that hits the TSP Live Radar. Regardless, everything in gambling should be viewed as long term versus short term. Short term wagering is subject to extreme variance (great weeks, bad weeks). It is the long term which smooths variance and provides a positive overall ROI.

For performance records, please visit https://tsp.live/sports-records/.

Angles will post to the TSP Live Radar when they achieve a minimum 60 reading. Angles will remain on the TSP Live Radar even if they dip below 60.

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ANALYTIC NOTICE: Analytics are provided to give you access to information that you otherwise would not be able to obtain publicly.

Analytics ARE NOT DESIGNED NOR INTENDED to tell you what to bet. Analytics are provided to make you a more informed bettor when handicapping and making your wagering decisions.

If you are placing a wager simply because the wager shows up within an analytic or alert, you are using the information incorrectly, outside its intended use, and opening yourself up to unnecessary risk.

While some analytics and information covers sharp action, it should be noted that sharp action can occur for many reasons beyond sharp money feeling a wager has value. Sharp bettors frequently wager for the purposes of middling, arbitrage, hedging, buyouts and more. Analytics do not discern why sharp money is betting, they just report that sharp money is betting. Just because something shows as “sharp” should not be construed as meaning the wager has value 100% of the time. A wager showing as sharp should also not be construed as a best bet, regardless of the reading within the analytic. The best sharp bettors have a win percentage of 54-56% (betting spreads), not the 60-100% that many touts and other unsavory sports gambling industry jerkoffs (technical term) may want to portray.

Good luck in your action!