TSP Live Insider 9/11 🇺🇸 – Using Parlay/Rollover Selections

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Good morning!


First and foremost, I created a tutorial for using TSP Live. It can be overwhelming when people initially signup because I am not like other sports services or handicappers who simply send out a message and give you unit ratings and wagers. TSP Live is move of an information database of content being reported. Some people don’t even realize the TSP Live Dashboard exists. So, I put together a tutorial to walk you through the step by step of accessing the information…from visiting the website, to using the TSP Live Dashboard to discussing how Telegram plays int things. If you are a long-time TSP Live subscriber, this video is likely a waste of your time. If you are a new subscriber, the video could help fill in some gaps for you. THE TSP LIVE TUTORIAL CAN BE FOUND AT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uPvXLidUC9M

This past weekend, the content in TSP Live was overwhelming, even for me! I mean sure, specific content was easy to follow. If you like KB Consensus, which many do, it was a simple five wagers across Saturday and Sunday, and went 3-2…2-1 on the 60%+ angles. What was overwhelming was the volume across all The Sharp Plays content. It was so much that I had to slim down the Degenerate Club Report on Sunday just to avoid making your head explode. As I said throughout the weekend, it was the LARGEST amount of content in TSP Live ever…dating back to TSP Live launching in 2020…and it wasn’t even close!! So, I expect the weeks ahead to see far less volume and more in line with the historical TSP Live averages. However, the overwhelming content this weekend brings up a good question, is there a simple way to narrow it down?

Every football season there are always new people to the content, and many are unsure the best way to follow. So, I thought I would share one strategy that many veteran TSP Live users go with. It’s simple, it tends to provide only 2-3 selections each game day and it has had a very strong performance year over year…and dating back to The Sharp Plays content coming to Twitter in 2011. No, it is not blind following the KB Consensus…although that is a proven option over the last three years since the analytic launched. However, following KB Consensus is something everyone can easily figure out. What I am talking about is something that might not come to mind right away…following the individual selections I use for parlays or rollovers.

Of course, if you are betting my rollover or parlays then you are following those selections. What I mean is using the wagers in those exotics to place straight bets. Yes, when I have a three leg parlay, there are many TSP Live subscribers who bet the three leg parlay straight, sometimes betting a round robin with those same plays (would have worked well yesterday) and then betting each of the legs as straight bets. Now obviously that can be a lot of action if you are betting 1 unit on all those wagers, so each bettor needs to assess comfort and their financial situation which is a whole other topic. I am just talking about how to narrow down the angles you wager on when the content is overwhelming or in busy wagering days…or if you just don’t have time to handicap for yourself on a particular day.

Why does this strategy of using the parlay/rollover legs as individual wagers work? When I am moving forward with a rollover or parlay, whether Twitter, Telegram or in TSP Live, I am typically selecting what I see as the best content at that moment…in my opinion and assessment/handicapping for that day. I want to hit a three team parlay, so I am going to pick the three best wagers I see on the board to make up that parlay. It’s not too much to then assume that the individual wagers in my parlays or rollovers will perform great as straight bets. I mean if parlays are profitable for over +330 units the past 12 years…then probably those legs within the parlays would be nicely profitable as well. Look at yesterday…my parlay lost, but betting the legs went 2-1. On Saturday, my parlay went 0-2-1. Overall it was a 2-3-1 weekend for betting the legs of the parlays I put out. So no, it is definitely not a perfect strategy, but it has its benefits in filtering the content. Just betting the parlay legs took you from over 40 angles in TSP Live this weekend down to 6. Yes, the KB Consensus worked better, but there’s a reason long-time subscribers religiously follow the wagers in my parlays…over time they are a solid grind and when the parlays cash it is a nice bonus on top.

It is important to see how I am wagering on the parlays as well. Am I just betting candy money, at which time I am likely taking shots and not overly confident in the wager, or is the wager(s) part of a rollover where I am firing 0.3, 0.5 or 1+ unit?

My goal with TSP Live and The Sharp Plays content is to get people to think and then wager. I think paying and blind following a handicapper or service is an awful idea. You do not learn anything and as most of you have seen, blind following most handicappers out there never works. If it did, you would be reading someone else’s newsletter today and not mine. So, I still feel that with any content you should review and assess based on all the information in front of you. However, despite my opinion on how best to use the content, some people just want to blind follow. If that’s you, then my public and subscriber parlays and rollovers are a great source for wagers…if you don’t have time to think that day.

Any early buys today? So far just the Buffalo Bills -2 as a Low Level TSP Live Radar reading.

That’ll do it for me today. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck in your action!