TSP Live Education: Degenerate Action and Mr. Miyagi – Serious Bettors Only!

Back in January 1st, 2023 I launched the “Degenerate Club Report”. The report has since evolved into the Legal Pad and TSP Live Tables which offer the same content. One of the features of the initial Degenerate Club Report, which has continued in table format, is the Degenerate Portfolio. I introduced the Degenerate Portfolio content by saying the following…

Have you ever seen the movie “Karate Kid”? Mr. Miyagi teaches Daniel several core secrets to karate through some odd jobs around his property…”wax on/wax off”, “paint the fence”, etc. For the youngsters… CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO. While Daniel is doing these jobs he gets all pissed off because he came to Mr. Miyagi to learn karate, and Mr. Miyagi is just having Daniel do chores for him. When Daniel snaps, Mr. Miyagi shows him how these chores are really exercises in karate techniques. My goal is to show you different tactics in betting…when to pass, when to play, leveraging wagers, patience, betting intelligence, and more. Much of this will be accomplished by dedicating just 0.1 units to a daily wagering exercise. As we move forward through 2023 I think you will find the exercises/education invaluable to your wagering, and some of the most valuable content anywhere.

I did not really bring up the Mr. Miyagi angle of the content much after the initial statement. The goal was to do the same thing as Mr. Miyagi…let time pass with this daily activity going on…every single day of the year…and then…if it worked out…I would get to have the big…”show me paint the fence,” moment at the end of the year. Well, with this discussion of bankroll management today, here’s a great time to bring it up!

Do you realize the following when it comes to the Degenerate Portfolio…

  1. It was started on January 1st, 2023 with nothing more than 0.1 unit wagers until it finally cashed a parlay. At which point the parlay profits were used for subsequent wagers (straight bets, parlays, teasers), further expanding the bankroll, and no further out of pocket bankroll was used. We have been playing with house money for every single wager since January.
  2. The Degenerate Portfolio (as of the date of this article, see above) has a net profit of +3.27 units. If these were 1 unit wagers instead of 0.1 unit wagers, you would have a profit of +32.7 units this year after yesterday’s action…with just one bet a day! Yes, there were times when I bet 1 unit in the Degenerate Portfolio, which would be the equivalent of 10 units…but it’s not like none of you ever pushed the limits that high or higher on a chase before. THE AVERAGE WAGER OVER THE COURSE OF 2023 WAS 0.23 UNITS OR THE EQUIVALENT OF 2.3 UNITS IN THIS 1:0.1 unit RATIO EXAMPLE. A very manageable unit risk when that risk is 100% house money.
  3. WHOA…TSP…don’t you preach flat betting at 1 unit?!?! Yes I do. However, when playing with house money I am open to much more risk and aggression. You might start out playing $100 or $500 a hand blackjack as your unit, but if you are up, and the shoe count is in your favor…it is only proper math to bump you wager to a multiple of your normal per unit risk to maximize your edge. I would never suggest people bet 2,5,10,20 units of their primary bankroll on a wagers and fire away! However, my risk tolerance on a rollover is exponentially greater than my risk tolerance in a standard betting situation which uses my primary bankroll. The degenerate bankroll is nothing more than an ongoing rollover….and just like a rollover it contains no out of pocket bankroll risk…all house money.
    • A 1 unit, five team parlay, is nothing more than a roughly 12.8 unit straight bet on that last leg of the parlay to pay 11.6 units for a total profit of +24.4 units on the completed five leg parlay. You think of it as 1 unit to win 25 units…but a parlay is really a series of preprogrammed straight bets rolling the risk and profits from one bet to the next…just like a rollover.
  4. The Degenerate Portfolio RARELY uses the best TSP Live content either to achieve these results. The Degenerate Portfolio wagers are posted first thing in the morning, long before any Group Buys, KB Consensus, etc. Yet they still achieved a very sizable profit. Imagine if they used ALL the TSP content to further maximize returns given the performance of those top tier angles?

So, let’s break this down…

  1. The Degenerate Portfolio wagered as little as 0.1 units, with an average wager throughout 2023 of 0.23 units…highly manageable risk even at a 5:1 or 10:1 multiplier of that risk.
  2. The Degenerate Portfolio provided DAILY action this year except for three days when it passed due to limited action. Who doesn’t love DAILY material action?
  3. The Degenerate Portfolio provided a solid performance and profit during this time it has operated.
  4. The Degenerate Portfolio often didn’t even use the top tier TSP Live content to achieve these returns.
  5. Last but not least, it was simple to implement! One alert in the morning and that wager is placed…go about your business for the rest of the day…and use the other TSP content (Group Buys, Known Bettors, KB Consensus, etc.) as a bonus on top!

Many of you BEG me to share my wagers on a daily basis. You ask me all the time to take you by the hand and show you how to use the content and bet every single day. The Degenerate Portfolio has been doing it and has been right in front of your face every day for the past year. A profitable method, with daily action, that…if you can be patient for the initial win, provided a very healthy return…and no further out of pocket risk…only house money at risk!

CAVEAT TO ALL THE ABOVE: Yes, there is a serious bankroll component leading into the first win of the Degenerate Portfolio process which provides the house money bankroll that is then used. Risking 1 unit over and over on parlays until you have that initial house money bank, and cover the initial losses, does take SERIOUS initial bankroll management and patience. However, the performance was easily manageable for anyone with a standard bankroll…and again…never more than the standard 1 unit of bankroll risk. So, it might seem a little wacky, but it all was within standard betting parameters during the “out of pocket bankroll” phase of the process.

I will have more on bankroll management, likely compiling it in podcast form and perhaps text form as well, but the above was something I had been putting together for awhile. I thought today would be a great day to roll it out as I wait for updates to complete. The above article will now be a permanent part of the TSP Live Education section which is located on the TSP Live Dashboard and can be found at this link…https://tsp.live/education/.

Oh and for the freeloaders, the new “Go Fast And Win” Action Table is something similar to the Degenerate Portfolio in TSP Live. It’s just that the Go Fast And Win action only went to daily content in the past couple of weeks…but it will likely be a daily addition if it works out and is worth the time.

Good luck!