TSP Live PSA: Annual Content Changes After Football

Good afternoon,

Each year as football content transitions to non-football content, there are changes within TSP Live. The goal of the changes is to allow TSP Live to adapt to the unique betting strategies for non-football sports compared to football content.

During football, information and content for the weekend can arise on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. for events that don’t take place until Saturday or Sunday. So, the TSP Legal Pad is important for football, but loses its value outside football. Similarly, during football we have the TSP Live Radar and the KB Consensus…both of which are analytics tables that are effective due to the unique structure and setup of football betting markets. So, as is the case every year after the Super Bowl, those two tables (Radar & KBC) go into hibernation until August. The TSP Survivor table, which was new this year, will also go away because 99% of survivor pools are football regular season only.

One of the key things for non-football sports versus football is that the lines move a lot faster. The reason is due to the far lower betting volumes that non-football sports see on a daily basis…versus a Sunday NFL game…or even a Saturday MAC football game. So, speed becomes essential to success. We saw this twice this past week where I updated all the tables and then the Legal Pad alert went out (only 5-10 minutes at best)…prices moved 1-2 points. So, having a faster means of content delivery during the non-football part of the year is essential.

Here’s what will change for TSP Live on the Monday after the Super Bowl…

  1. The TSP Survivor table will be removed this Monday (January 8th) at the conclusion of the regular season. Most survivor pools will be done.
  2. The TSP Live Radar and KB Consensus table will be removed from the TSP Live system on the Monday after the Super Bowl and will return again in August as is usual.
  3. The TSP Legal Pad will also be removed from the TSP Live system on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
  4. The Book Needs table was something that I was going to have run all year round, but it really isn’t worth the time. So, don’t panic yet…let me finish this section…the Book Needs table will go away on the Monday after the Super Bowl and will return in August. Any Book Needs of Medium or High Level will be reported DIRECTLY in the Telegram channel for FREE. Why? Book Needs have been relatively flat content and maintaining the table requires a decent chunk of time each day for very little return. The Sharp Plays content is in a constant state of evolution and survival of the fittest. With time being limited each day, underperforming subscriber content is quickly removed or downgraded to free public content to make time and space to be spent on new content or content that is performing. For example, Book Needs started the football season as follows…

    Book Needs Readings of 90+: +11.7 units
    Book Needs Readings of 80-89: +22.4 units
    Book Needs Readings of 70-79: +21.0 units

    Here’s what they currently look like…

    Book Needs Readings of 90+: +11.7 units
    Book Needs Readings of 80-89: +23.4 units. (+1 unit)
    Book Needs Readings of 70-79: +17.0 units (-4 units)

    So, Book Needs content takes about 15-20 minutes of time to manage each day, which means around 2000-2300 minutes this football season was spent managing the Book Needs table instead of using that on something else and the net return was -3 units!

    It is not the first time Book Needs have underperformed. The Book Needs were flat last football season too. So, moving forward and until next August (or perhaps indefinitely) any Book Needs will be discussed and reported on Telegram…with high and medium Book Needs continuing to be tracked and logged to maintain a performance metric on the angle. The Book Needs table will be retired the Monday after the Super Bowl and return (possibly) in August….any medium or high Book Need will be reported on Telegram for free.
  5. The TSP Live tables not already named above (i.e. Algorithm Selections, Degenerate Portfolio, TSP Index Analysis) will continue to operate as normal after the Super Bowl.
  6. The morning content/briefing of action that would be posted to the TSP Legal Pad during the football season will now be published as a daily TSP Live Memo. The TSP Live Memo will go out every morning between 7am and 12pm ET. The TSP Live Memo will include the same content as the Legal Pad, but will can be issued faster via alert versus Legal Pad page update. The goal of the Legal Pad is providing football notes on games for the weekend on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. and allowing you a centralized place to visit on Friday or during the weekend to see all the updates and information that was reported as the week went along. With non-football content being same day (i.e. I am not reporting intel on a Saturday NCAAB on the Monday leading in because prices aren’t even close to being out) there is no need for a Legal Pad format. The change from Legal Pad to morning TSP Live Memo alert will begin on the Monday after the Super Bowl.
  7. The free Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table and the Go Fast and Win Portfolio will continue to operate as normal at the conclusion of football…but the Book Needs table will no longer appear on the Portfolio page.

I am posting this to the education section of TSP Live because I can reference again as the football season comes to a close and as new members arrive.

Good luck and thank you for your support!