TSP Live Education: Archived Angles 2023

Once the Super Bowl is over, I schedule website updates…along with doing some clerical work like archiving records from previous years or content that it no longer in use.

Today, the following rows have been removed and archived from the “Sports Content Records” link at TheSharpPlays.com (click “Records & Logs” in the website menu).

The “Retired Angles” column was archived a few months ago when discussed on Telegram…no need to continue to keep them on the table.

Overall, the angles being archived achieved a net profit of +71.2 units.

More updates to follow in the day’s ahead, but this is the first.

ContentLocationNotesWLWin PctUnitsROI
Pro’s v Joe’sAll PlatformsN/A8753.3%0.64.0%
Teasers all 1 unitTSP Live20236650.0%-0.6-5.0%
Teasers all 1 unitTSP Live2022141351.9%-0.5-1.9%
Teasers all 1 unitTSP Live202115865.2%6.227.0%
Parlays 0.5 units of risk or moreAll Platforms20231214.5%-11.5-52.3%
Parlays 0.5 units of risk or moreAll Platforms202294317.3%5.210.0%
Parlays 0.5 units of risk or moreAll Platforms2021276928.1%32.934.3%
In-Play (Rated)TSP LiveINPLAY & Hermes445146.3%14.815.6%
In-Play (Rated)Twitter/TelegramINPLAY & Hermes171356.7%6.622.0%
Late Information SelectionTSP LiveMLB10376.9%7.557.7%
Late Information SelectionTSP LiveNCAAB373154.4%2.94.3%
Late Information SelectionTSP LiveSoccer1150.0%0.00.0%
Legal Pad Algorithm SelectionTSP LiveSoccer12957.1%4.621.9%
Retired AnglesAll PlatformsN/A14613751.6%2.50.9%
Net Profit71.2 units