Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

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TSP Live Algorithm Selections cashed the 1st 5 and the full game to continue the perfect run! The Degenerate Portfolio lost 0.2 units taking shots on a parlay and a juicy tennis dog.

The Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table went 0-1 and lost 0.11 units.

Remember when everyone was complaining that Go Fast and Win was killing it while TSP Live was going sideways? As I told you, there is always an ebb and flow. One month TSP Live kills it, the other month GFAW kills it. Some months both kill it and other months both get killed. So, instead of bitching and moaning, just take the profits where they come and keep grinding! By the end of the year both free and paid content will provide a nice chunk of profit

Oh and JUST LIKE THAT…MARCH’S 2.4 unit loss on Algorithm Selections IS ERASED thanks to a 3-0 run on the MLB Algorithm Selections in April…6-0 if you count the 1st 5 innings too. It’s all about patience! If you can exercise some, this can be a fun ride. If you expect immediate success when you buy a subscription or start to follow the content…you will be very disappointed and spend a lot of time and money searching for a non-existent Holy Grail of gambling!

Early sharp buying…

Valencia/Granada CF DRAW +210 (Spain La Liga)

Indiana St/Seton Hall OV160 (NCAAB)

No action for the GFAW table. Nothing exciting out there making the cut and the regression run means there is no need to force action out there!

Go Fast and Win analytics tables are updated at…click “Portfolio” to access.

Good luck!!