Telegram Sports Update

Good morning!

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TSP Live Algorithms Selections moved to 6-2 for +4.0 units F5 Innings and 6-2 for +4.0 units for the full game thanks to Seattle -120. The Degenerate Portfolio picked up +0.64 units thanks to a straight bet and a parlay!

The Go Fast and Win Score Prediction table went 1-0 and cashed with St. Louis +110 units for +0.11 units! The GFAW Portfolio also picked up +0.1 units on Fleetwood in Round 1 and +0.20 units on Clark in Round 2! Solid day overall for the portfolios picking up +0.64 in TSP Live and +0.41 units in the GFAW Portfolio!

Last month there were a couple whiners about how is it possible that the Go Fast and Win Portfolio, because it is free content, could outperform the TSP Live Portfolio in a given month…because TSP Live is paid content and thereby should ALWAYS outperform. The lunacy of such a statement does not need to be addressed. As I said though, some months the Degenerate Portfolio would outperform, other months the GFAW Portfolio would outperform….and some months both would win and other months both would lose. If you bet both consistently, you should grind a nice profit between the two at the end of the year.

In April, the TSP Live Portfolio is +1.55 units and the GFAW Portfolio is +0.25 units. Instead of bitching, just ride them.

In March, the TSP Live Portfolio was -0.58 units and the GFAW Portfolio was +1.35 units.

Looks like two winning months to me between both portfolios. Don’t bitch about how the profits come each month, be happy you have profits…98% of bettors do not. March was in the green for the portfolios despite one of the greatest public successes in a Men’s NCAA Tournament in recent memory.

Early sharp buying…

Juventus/Torino DRAW +194 (Italy Serie A)

Buffalo +180 (NHL)

Boston -124 (NHL)

Edmonton -140 (NHL)

Go Fast and Win analytics tables are updated at…click “Portfolio” to access.

Good luck!!