TSP Live Education: What Are Rollovers & Why Use Them?

Rollovers are a name I just began using when I referred to a wager where you take the risk and profit from one bet and roll it onto another one. It’s basically the leverage of a parlay but with the freedom of a straight bet. For more details I have an article titled “What Is A Rollover?“. Just click the title link to be taken to it on TheSharpPlays.com. So, that covers what a rollover is, now the question is why use them?

Rollovers allow me to use a very low amount of bankroll risk (0.1 units, although technically a rollover can be started for any level of risk you would like to use) with the potential of a large payout through rolling risk and profits. For example, I started a rollover on Twitter in March for 0.1 units, and thanks to success in rolling the risk and profit from one wager to the next I was able to turn that 0.1 unit of bankroll risk into over +7.3 units of profit! It gave me 73 to 1 return on my initial risk!

Rollovers are great to use when the Index is trending down, when the markets are cloudy or mixed, or when I have concerns about the quality or potential performance of sharp angles on a given day or in a given time period. By using a low risk rollover I can have action to angles I like, thereby I am active if things perform well, but if they do not, my risk was minimal.

Most ALL of us have some degenerate in us. Degenerate in that we like to have action every day or perhaps enjoy watching a game on TV…and want some cash on it. Instead of firing 1 unit or 0.5 units to feed the degenerate beast inside, use a rollover. You get some action to sweat, risk is minimal if it goes against you, and if you win you can roll that wager onto the next one! Even if you build that 0.1 units of initial risk into 1,2,3+ units and you lose then…you only had exposure in your bankroll to 0.1 units, the rest was house money…yet you probably had a lot of fun when you were rolling that 1,2,3+ units. If that wager were to win…oh boy…now we are really having fun!

Good luck!