TSP Live Education: Season in Review & Plans Post-Football Content

I posted the records (see below) this past week regarding the performance of the TSP Live analytics tables for the 2023-24 football season. At the time of this writing, we have three more games to go (AFC Championship, NFC Championship, Super Bowl). Once those games conclude I will update this article to reflect the performance of the analytics in the records below. There are three analytics tables active in TSP Live for the football season each year, along with a myriad of other intel (key sharp bettors, Book Positions, Group Buys, general sharp buying and much, much more). The analytics tables provide the bulk of the content each week during the football season, so here is how they performed…

KB Consensus 15-6 (71%)

Radar Readings (Overall 151-118 for 56%)
74-79:  8-5 (62%)
65-73:   82-71 (54%)
60-64:  54-40 (57%)
51-59: 7-2 (78%)

High Book Needs 1-0 (100%)
Medium Book Needs 7-10 (41%)

As you can see, it all looks great…especially when you consider all these results were based on the CLOSING LINE or in the case of KB Consensus, the price when the alert went out!! Price shopping would only increase the above performance. So, the TSP Live Radar hit 56% on 269 selections, the KB Consensus hit 71% and the only loser was Book Needs which went 8-10 during the season…hardly even a small ding to the overall performance.

So, looking back it appears it was an easy season to win some money…and that’s also the catch! Looking back when the football season has concluded provides a winning picture year after year here at The Sharp Plays. What you don’t see in the records above are the day to day and week to week stresses that came with this and every football (or any sport’s) season. Sure, 56% winners on the TSP Live Radar looks great, but not every week hit 56% or better. Some weeks hit 90%…other weeks hit 10%. Therein lies what I hope every gambler can see and appreciate as you venture forward in your gambling journey…

GAMBLING IS NOT EASY! Looking at the records at the end of the season leaves out the ups and downs…the bad beats and bad breaks…the frustrations and annoyances you experienced along the way. It leaves out the shitty weekends when KB Consensus went 0-2 and you began to feel KB Consensus was going to go on an 0-10 run as your betting depression grew exponentially. It leaves out the Monday when our hopes and dreams of a big parlay coming through rested on Dallas…and they lost. It leaves out the Saturday’s when we were 0-3 on bets right out of the gate…leaving us the rest of the weekend just to try and get even. Every one of those moments and countless others were all part of the great looking records above. Going through those moments will wear on your physically and emotionally. All of those experiences can lead you to emotional extremes and that can cause you to press, chase and inevitably blow up your bankroll. I am sorry to tell the haters, but if you lost money during the football season with TSP Live then it was likely due to bankroll management or inconsistency in wagering/strategy…not the content.

I can’t tell you how many people bitched and moaned at various points throughout the football season when the content wasn’t just winning every angle. There were plenty of people who gave up after a losing week or a losing run. In the end, those people will forever lose at gambling. Chasing the hot run and not expecting to experience losses at gambling is not a long-term success strategy. Just give it a try. Even when you hit 56% over 269 angles this football season…even when KB Consensus hit 71% for a 15-6 record…you still had to endure 6 losses. I know, it sounds silly…a “whopping 6 losses”…LOL! However, far too many gamblers would have given up on KB Consensus after an 0-2 or 0-3 run. SON OF A BITCH!! I BET A KB CONSENSUS PLAY AND IT LOST…FUCK THIS…FUCK TSP…FUCK GAMBLING. Sounds comical…but you would lose count of the number of people who approach gambling that way.

Instead, if you approached losing with the attitude of…”I lost, that is part of gambling, I need to remain patient and keep grinding…it’s a long season and some seasons see the profit made in the last week…you just never know. What I do know is by the end of the ________(fill in any sport)___________ season there is a great chance I will be sitting on a nice profit from my wagering. So, I just need to weather this storm, stay consistent with my strategy, bankroll management and attitude, and at the end I will look back on a nice income generating venture that had plenty of fun along the way as well. Losing sucks, but it is unavoidable…so let me make sure to keep tight and wait for the sun to come out again….BECAUSE IT ALWAYS DOES! Now let me start looking at the card for tomorrow…………”

The above person will be a successful long-term gambler because they aren’t sweating the individual games, the day to day or week to week ups and downs. They know the game to game, day to day, week to week are just TINY parts of their long-term gambling for any sports season they undertake. The above person doesn’t like losing, but they are rolling with the punches, not pressing and chasing and instead moving on to the next day’s action to get right back into the fight. Understanding a through process like the above decreases the emotions you experience because of gambling and decreasing the emotions are ESSENTIAL to success. There’s a reason I don’t watch 95% of the games I bet…it removes the rollercoaster of emotions a gambler will experience in just a single game…let alone a series of games…which gets amplified during a cold run where losses keep smacking you into the face.

Yes, we get into this business for the fun…for the big wins, big weeks and big months! There were plenty of those this past season…but those weeks and months are easy to handle. I mean November lost and that was after two winning months of football in September and October…yet losing in November was the end of the world to some…and people gave up just because of 2-3 losing weeks in the only losing month this past season. Then guess what happened?!?! While the quitters were buying the “85%+ winners” hype of some handicapper, those who stayed in TSP Live printed money throughout December…a perfect time for a big winning run…and a nice Christmas bonus! December completely erased November’s loss and added a massive profit on top! If you didn’t have the patience…you missed the great run and runs like December are why we get involved in this business!

My goal with this whole discussion above is simply to say, 56%+ is phenomenal for professional gambling. Yet there were people who quit, who blew up their bankroll this past season, who cursed the content. It doesn’t get any better my friends. There will be ups and downs in gambling…there will be winning weeks and months and losing weeks and months. Don’t judge your gambling success based on individual bets, single weeks or even months. Assess gambling over the long-term and treat gambling like a marathon…not a sprint.

Thanks for checking out the article! As football season winds down, just a reminder that the content changes after football can be found at https://tsp.live/2024/01/06/tsp-live-psa-annual-content-changes-after-football/.

Good luck!