April TSP Live & FMA Subscriptions BEGIN TOMORROW!

The boys of summer are back, and TSP Live is ready to attack MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer and tennis now that NCAAB is wrapping up! Don’t miss another big April! Algorithm Selections are hitting 55% and they will be back again for MLB to put another winning season under their belt…along with all your other favorite angles and intel in TSP Live!

The Financial Market Analytics subscription didn’t have much action in March as markets went sideways. We lost about 10% on a Best Buy short position, but then another position I have had in hand went up almost 100% in March…so not a bad grind. It’s been quiet in the market, and it usually doesn’t stay this quiet for this long. Will the bulls run or the bears tear them apart? Check out the FMA subscription at TSP.Live/fma.

For further details or to signup for TSP Live, visit https://tsp.live/tsp-live/. For details on the FMA subscription, visit https://tsp.live/fma.

Thank you as always for your support! It is your support which makes all the TSP content possible…free & paid. It will not win every day, week, or month…nothing ever does in gambling. However, neither TSP Live nor the FMA have ever had a losing year…not even close…and I have been doing this since 2011 for sports and 2020 for trading! If you are looking for free money, please do not signup. I am sure there are plenty of others who will gladly take your money and provide you easy 65% winners on a daily basis!

Good luck in your action!